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+41 (0) 21 566 10 14

Organisational development

What we do?  Together with management of private or public or non-profit organisations, we review their management tools. We propose concepts which appeal to them, we examine the company closely and respond to the multitude of demands in order to optimize the capabilities of the people responsible for the operational side.

Who do we target? All companies which value an outside opinion or want a « leverage effect » for their HR strategy. Our aim is also to alleviate the burden of managerial and operational staff when there is not enough time for essential and strategic tasks. We also intervene when specific external expertise is required.

How? HR Systemics helps and encourages you to create and review your management tools : contracts, procedures, wage scales, job descriptions, conflict management tools, auditing of HR tools, improvement proposals and implementation, HR audits, setting up and optimizing human resource processes.

What we do for your company
  • We create new organisational models
  • We review your management tools
  • We audit the different departments of your enterprise
  • We optimize your processes